Musanze Employment Service Centre background , vision and mission


The Rwandan secondary Cities like any other country’s secondary cities face a challenge of high rates of unemployment.

This is an issue that cuts across social classes, age, sex, and education level. This issue is even worse for youth and women and girls since they mostly lack basic skills and networks that would otherwise be helpful.

The republic of Rwanda has designed policies and put in place measures to tackle the issue of unemployment and underemployment. These measures are including the establishment of Kigali Employment Service Centre (KESC)in May 2013,Musanze Employment Service Centre (MESC) in December 2016  and Huye Employment Service Centre (HESC) in April 2019 , with  a mandate of addressing unemployment and underemployment by linking Jobseekers and job providers, provision of information for informed decision making in career planning, information and training on job search strategy and other counseling support that could result into job placement. They are a crucial instrument in organizing a transparent and functioning market place and prepare and bring together supply and demand

II.Vision and Mission  statements

II.1.Vision   statements

MESC to be a Centre of excellence that satisfies needs of employers and jobseekers and reduces unemployment in Musanze District.

II.2.Mission  statements

MESC to promote labour market information, awareness of its products and offers digitalized services based on needs of jobseekers and employers.